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Sesal kemudian tak berguna

Sedang kita berdosa kepada Allah, kemudiannya bertaubat, maka yang mengampuninya ialah Allah yang Maha Pengampun. Atau sedang kita berdosa kepada manusia, kemudiannya sukar untuk meminta maaf, tetapi jika kita memberanikan diri, boleh sahaja manusia itu memaafkan kita. Jadi walau apa pun dosa yang kita lakukan, pengakhiran dosa tersebut boleh juga diampunkan.

Tetapi hitam hitam yang terpalit dalam hati ini tidak mungkin akan hilang dengan hanya meminta maaf. Ia seperti menghilangkan satu memori. Semakin kau ingin melupakan, semakin ia datang.

That question I remembered

When I asked "Why can't you accept me?", I always wanted to know the reason. But then she said "I don't know.".

Explaining emotions can be more brutal year-on-year, but things just happened like I have no feelings. Stop complicating situation, lay back and smoke weed for at least one last time. Because what ever we did, ever since we knew each other, were just a deceptive drama.

Bringing back all those memories onto a page of book, and what I get is a fears of flipping through the next pages.

It is time

Masanya sudah hampir tiba tetapi sesetengah daripadanya telah tiba. I am not telling things that people are alarmed with, but I am telling the real thing that most of people don't know, a truly movement "hidden" in the middle of this weird world. The world with so many noises, so many opinions and so many weirdos. Perhaps you will say, I am sick of this story but sometimes you have to know there is some more things that most people don't know, even though it was near and surround us. Behold, even those who know, they are all confused (including me), except for those who are guided (I guess). I just wanted to strengthen mine, I don't care yours. But at least I have few words to those who reads.

Get up, and stop saying "I am going continue my life as the way it is". Get out of your comfort zone, and open your hearts. Remember when we are still child, what mom used to sing us as a lullaby?

Laa ilaaha illallah, Muhammad rasulullah.