Jan 17, 2017


Been reading for quite some time. Reading is soo tiring when it comes to academic journals. I came across many terms which I don't have any idea about it (even if I tried to go for another sources, it showed another term haha) and one of them is "cospeciation". By the way, it is an interesting journey since I jumped into molecular biology, and perhaps, evolutionary biology. Learning nowadays, should be a quick process. I read and do laboratory works at the same time (sebab nak GOT). Good luck!

Love, Arif.

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  1. Good Luck!!!. when u're tired of reading, just open 'upin ipin or Badanamu' for awhile. who know, it'll heal you. stay strong Big Bro. Hope to see u as 'DR Arif' after this. Inshaa Allah. ;)


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