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New things to learn

Been reading for quite some time. Reading is soo tiring when it comes to academic journals. I came across many terms which I don't have any idea about it (even if I tried to go for another sources, it showed another term haha) and one of them is "cospeciation". By the way, it is an interesting journey since I jumped into molecular biology, and perhaps, evolutionary biology. Learning nowadays, should be a quick process. I read and do laboratory works at the same time (sebab nak GOT). Good luck!

Love, Arif.

Sayonara 2016

Happy new year! I don't understand what is so special about celebrating new year except for fireworks and public holiday. I understand that the number changed but I don't feel it, it is just not too special to me (or maybe any occasions had not been really special to me anymore). Anyway, it has been good year, lots of ups and downs, lots of people leaving and continue their life as usual with some of us got married, congratulations and I wish you all a happy family.

I am currently working on my literature review (not a good start for 2017) because I need to read, re-read and most importantly, to write. Well at least I have spent at least 2 hours a day to do this whole thing at night because I spend the whole day in the lab. It's hard I know.

Love, Arif.