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Kurniaan terbaik

Human nature is always looking for something greater or amazing. be it the technologies, mother nature or else. Sometimes, when we found it, we got too excited and we make a strong decision that follows our desire. Then, there comes another which fails the former, and we got stuck. Now it is time for us to reject or to accept. It is not about perspectives, it is about to use what had been given to us, for a change. But whatever we found, be smart to accept, because there is a fine line to discern human and animals. So, please find the line.

kerana garis halus itu kurniaan terbaik.
It's like everybody knows everything. I am scared.

Fast world

Science is a very broad word. To those who are into science, it may lead to the foundation of faith. Science is observing, analyze and record something before we discuss and explain. We know science because someone has done researches, scientific if you like and from their presentation, we believe in its logic. Over time, we tend to believe in what our mind says it is logic, with a help of numbers and figures. Until the upcoming generation is becoming so hard to accept something that is unseen. It is normal, today.

Moral has changed. Ethics has becoming a subjective. People disagree with each other. Peace is hard to achieve. Why our generation has become so stubborn? Do not they learn from what had happened in the previous community? Do not they believe in the Unseen?


Too many things to do

I am at the stage where I don't know what should I start because too many things come at once. Sometimes I opened my computer and I became blank. What should I do? haha. It is a tough task when you have a lot of problem that you should solve which nobody care. I know I should give extra push to finish this and surely I will. Now, I just wanted to finish this fast, get some job and money and live my life, dude.

bila nak habis ni.

What a life

Long ago, there is one man called Hazin. He is so blessed living with his parents and his friends. He is a good boy, and he has no girlfriend. One day he starts to live far away from home. Days after days, he feels lonely. He wanted to share his feelings to the one he loved, but everytime he is about to tell them, they often said that he should adapt and be patience. He knows that he should be patience and he is just wanted to share but often he is interrupted before he finished. Until one day, after he is too tired to listen the same thing over and over again, he decides to leave them and start to share his feelings to God. He feels good for about a year, but his belief is not as firm as his thought. The devils are more patient than him. The devils slowly lead him to the part of was was in his ibadat until he is tired enough to do ibadat. Slowly the devils start to whisper in his heart, until one day the whispering "your prayer is unanswered" gets him leaving his prayer mat, and start to learn things on the internet. He finds many ways to clam his heart because he feels like nobody understands him. Eventually, he became Atheis.

Since then, everybody he knew curse and boycott him.


Jika aku gambarkan keadaan perjalanan aku sekarang ni ibarat aku di dalam satu pertandingan memasak bersama beberapa tukang masak yang hebat hebat belaka. Tugasan setiap sorang tukang masak tu ialah menyediakan masakan yang dia sendiri suka. Sedang asyik semua tukang masak memasak, aku sibuk menjenguk dapur tukang masak yang lain. Aku harap bila siap nanti bolehlah nak rasa sedikit. Tapi bila semua tukang masak dah siap, mereka berebut rebut meminta juri menilai masakan mereka. Memang tak dapat rasa pun. Kemudian baru aku sedar, dapur aku sendiri belum berasap!

Nak potong bawang putih ke bawang merah dulu?

Anak jadi tuan

Hati ini pedih melihat kasih sayang ibu terpaksa dicurahkan kepada cucu melebihi anaknya sendiri. Seorang ibu tidak perlu dibebankan dengan kehadiran cucu yang ditinggalkan oleh anaknya sendiri, lebih lebih lagi apabila dia masih mempunyai anak yang masih memerlukan kasih sayang daripada seorang ibu. Kenapa perlu bebankan ibu dengan anak kita? Sepatutnya waktu sekarang, kita perlu menyenangkan hati ibu. Tidak puaskah selama kita membebankan ibu sehingga kita dewasa dan sekarang ibu perlu teruskan tanggungjawab membesarkan anak kita?

Entah apa apa.

Keep your circle small

Ada kalanya aku bukan seorang yang terus menerus membuat kawan. Biarkan diri aku hanyut dengan masa dan keadaan. Tapi dunia telah berubah terlalu banyak, sehingga sungai yang menghanyutkan diri aku menjadi terlalu likat untuk aku terus hanyut, menjadi terlalu sukar. Biarpun aku terfikir adakah ia akan menjadi keras suatu hari nanti? Jika iya, nampak gayanya terpaksalah aku berjalan dan menikmati apa entah yang ada di hilir sana.

"It is tracheous to know a person is more than a person." filem Paper Town (2015).

Love, Arif.

Memo untuk Ateis

Sahabatku, jika kau rasa Tuhan itu tidak wujud, anggaplah Tuhan itu penting walhal kau mengagumi ciptaan sesuatu, bagaimana boleh kau merendahkan penciptanya?

Sedar dan kaji.

Sayonara Ramadhan

Bulan Ramadhan 1438H baru sahaja meninggalkan kita dan Ramadhan kali ini merupakan Ramadhan yang paling bermakna dalam hidup aku. There are a lot of things happened around the globe but should I worry about it, no?

Dalam dunia yang semakin sempit ni, aku meratah apa sahaja yang melepasi aku. Tetapi tidak semua aku hadam dan serap, ada yang aku buang dan timbus. Ada banyak lagi yang datang, hati hati, kerana setiap satu datang dengan beban yang berbeza. Semoga berjaya!

Love, Arif.


Perubahan bukannya sentiasa ke arah yang lebih baik, tetapi boleh jadi sebaliknya. Walau bagaimanapun, yang dikatakan "perubahan ke arah lebih baik" juga tidak semestinya baik, ada yang terpesong akidahnya, ada yang terlalu terbuka fikirannya dan menjauhi agama. Aku menilai dari sudut Islam, agama yang mulia, maka pasti dari sudut pandangan aku mempelajari Islam, bermazhab Syafi'e, berakidah Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah itu adalah perubahan yang terbaik.

Kelalaian dalam menuntut ilmu agama sebenarnya punca terjadinya seorang Islam itu mudah mempercayai tiadanya Tuhan, merasa agama itu merosakkan malah tidak menolak hubungan sejenis. Agama itu untuk diselami, dihayati. Ajarlah anak menuntut agama sebelum kamu memaksa mereka menuntut ilmu dunia, kerana agama itu indah dan tidak menerima agama itu rosak lagi merosakkan.

Jauhilah pemikiran yang menjauhkan anda dari agama, menolak bermazhab dan berakidah yang salah. Berdoalah, sementara pintu taubat masih terbuka seluasnya.

Love, Arif.

New things to learn

Been reading for quite some time. Reading is soo tiring when it comes to academic journals. I came across many terms which I don't have any idea about it (even if I tried to go for another sources, it showed another term haha) and one of them is "cospeciation". By the way, it is an interesting journey since I jumped into molecular biology, and perhaps, evolutionary biology. Learning nowadays, should be a quick process. I read and do laboratory works at the same time (sebab nak GOT). Good luck!

Love, Arif.

Sayonara 2016

Happy new year! I don't understand what is so special about celebrating new year except for fireworks and public holiday. I understand that the number changed but I don't feel it, it is just not too special to me (or maybe any occasions had not been really special to me anymore). Anyway, it has been good year, lots of ups and downs, lots of people leaving and continue their life as usual with some of us got married, congratulations and I wish you all a happy family.

I am currently working on my literature review (not a good start for 2017) because I need to read, re-read and most importantly, to write. Well at least I have spent at least 2 hours a day to do this whole thing at night because I spend the whole day in the lab. It's hard I know.

Love, Arif.