selective insectophobia

I suggest most of us will definitely encounter insect in our daily life. Imagine waking up to the hand-sized spider on your toilet's door and a millipede on the floor crawling under the mat. Well if you have gut enough to ignore, you are a superhero, and maybe I could hire you as my insect killer. Oh not killing, just put it away. Killing is not my type.

I have made some statement years ago, it sounded like this "kawan kawan, aku tak takut serangga. Cuma aku geli kaki dia banyak" and I did not really know what type of creatures were classified in the group that time. But maybe it's not all insect that I was mentioning, but generally any creatures with many legs. If I could list the name, starting from the most scariest and ubiquitous to our daily basis, to me it would be cockroach, huge millipede and spider, any stinging creatures; scorpion family, stinging bugs or what ever that could sting. I have been stung by a stinging bug; I am not sure what is it but it leaves a dark spot on my left belly and that is why I am a little scared whenever unidentified flying bugs gets near to me.

But it's fine. I will get through this feeling soon, because we cannot always run away from anything that make you scared of. eventually you will be someone who needs that gut to fight, not to retreat; as a guardian, to protect. I own two scorpions at the moment, and I tried to play with them regularly to get used to it. I supposed my aim of owning, somewhat I call "haiwan yang berkaki banyak" is, to give me a perspective that this creatures are not that harmful if we know how to handle it. I know that captivated animals are not too dangerous to handle, so I once played with a 3 inches praying mantis, a house spider and I think it doesn't matter because I know my limit.

It's good to be afraid but I think it should not control us. This time, I am going to change a little bit of the sentences with "kali ni aku cuma perlu berhati-hati dengan serangga berbisa".

but don't get overconfident. 


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