You know what drugs can do to you? It is not addiction, but affliction. If you ever had your heart broken many times, it can't be compared when you have your heart broken only once under drug influence. You have to admit, when music plays on, you have to feel it corresponding to your situation.

Drugs increase your feelings up to many folds. I have to agree that when music plays, it makes me feel what I love or what I lost; love or regret. It is not easy to forget what drug has done to my brain. Seriously, it feels like tearing my heart out of my chest and I would definitely do if I could. It is not easy to let this go neither. Even without the effects of drugs, whenever my ears catch up music, I just feel like flying and let myself fall and hurt so bad, like blood all around my body but I am still alive. I am telling this to whoever encounters this entry, to believe me, being in this kinda situation is never easy, and I really need someone who understands what am I talking about; to be my distraction and my new affection.

I know God never neglects me. If that so, I do hope that God eliminate the thoughts of being neglected in me.

As I feel left out and avoided.


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