We all have some good and bad news to share. We get excited over good one, or rebel over sad news. So what is the problem?

I call it 'channeling through'. How do you celebrate your happiness or what did you do when you’re sad? faith is our limit.

Good news sucks. It makes people forget who they are, sometimes. We are up to anything when we are so excited, either devil or angel.

Sad news does shit pretty well actually. That is when patience is needed. When you can’t afford to have it, then you will be in a total hell. You screw your life. Oh no, I screw myself though. That is why I posted this entry.

Real life has real consequences. You can say “stop doing what is hurting you” when you have never been in the situation. And over time, I don’t call it ‘hurting anymore’, but ‘satisfaction’. And when I have been at that level, what ever seems wrong in other people’s eye, good for me. you will never understand how hard I tried to look at things, like normal people do.

What's the matter with sharing anyway? Because I believe in sharing, will prevent you from channeling your excitement or problems onto the wrong track. But believe me, it has been long time I have not shared my life with ‘a person’, because it’s not everything you can share to your parents, siblings or anyone who is not really into your situation (people who experienced thing differently in their life - outdated). you may have really open minded kinda parents, so you will never feel how hard finding a right person to share.

I am really a messed up guy (in head). I have mental problem (I described it myself). And if you don’t believe me, you are exactly not the right one for me to share my life with.

God, at least I know You listen. so forgive me.


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