I am turning 22 this october and soon I will be graduated as a degree holder. I dont know what should I feel. If someone come to me and asked me; What have you achieved in life? Why you are so special? What are you gonna do after this? I guess, I have no answer for all that. After all these time, I just realized that one day everybody will make their decision. It is weird though we made choices, but did it go as we planned? Someone told me that, we already made choice before we realized. I dont know maybe she was right, but this time is not like always.

Life is not about school and homework, or hanging out with friends and family. But it is about how much knowledge do you have to move further. You cant forever rely on your parents or friends to support your life. If only you are so lucky, and your parents are millionaire or what ever and then you shouldn't have to worry that much. "Real world has real consequences". If you have enough knowledge or experiences, then it might not affect you that much but if you dont, it is too dangerous. So are you brave enough to make decision?

"Once you get into an academic world, you will be updated and learning new things during the process." - Dr Hafiz

"It is all up to your plan, but if you want academic to be your priority, there is no way you should stop, continue straight away while the spirit is there." - Prof Arai

"Kerja dulu, boleh terus beli Kawasaki Z250." - hati aku



  1. Atau kawin je dengan anak orang kaya, settle masalah. Study ada orang support. Bini chaanntteeeekkk. HAHAHAHA XP


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