farewell pt 2


"we are not only knowing the best but the worst of us." 

People come and go. It's the reality that all of us have to face. But the most profound feeling of losing is when we are in teenage life. If you were a school, college or university student, you will understand what am I saying.

Finished my degree study in science (marine biology) with these people. Well, it's natural when you are in a big group of people who have different background and life history, yet all of us stand as one in fractions. Why in fractions? Biasalah ikut kepala masing masing tapi kita masih satu.

I barely remember the orientation weeks and our first trip to Bidong Island for Survival Laut Program, but I am really sure that it was part of the bonding. Then the part where we need to move in rental house and start living by our own, celebrating birthday, annual dinner, participating in program, working on experiment in the lab and get warned by Cik Md Zan for being after working hours. These moments are what we are missing after all.

Setiap orang ada kepala dia sendiri. so do I. I cannot fit in each of you guys but who ever I perfectly fit in, then they stay in my heart longer than others. But I cant say much about what they feel. Seriously, my heart has never hold grudges to those who hurt me. Those who make me angry or treat me like a trash, disrespect me, yes I was angry but I don't ever hold grudges. and I still see what I had done wrong as well, I am not always right and I have shared it in my previous entry.

We are just like a family and I hope we will be forever a family. Thanks for the commitment, thanks for the surprises, thanks for a special treats, thanks for the gifts, thanks for experience and thanks for everything. My deepest gratitude to all of you, mariners. After all these years, I choose who to stay, you choose who to stay, but we have no choice but to remember the moments we were all together.

Thanks guys.


  1. Bila mana kau ada keluarga kau yang jauh di mata dan kau ada masalah di sini (tayar kereta bocor, kereta rosak, kawan eksiden etc), semua yang kita ada hanya satu keluarga baru yang bukan dari ibu yang sama. Baik-baik selalu kawan


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