"today, I see people with this kind of heart; heartless."

some people might be able to see the differences between someone who is depressed and fine. Praise to Allah that He has given me that humble ability. one thing I want to advise those people who don't, that people do care to each other, and other people might overthink about your incapacity. you might not feel or realize because you don't have that ability to see differences, or if you do, and you don't care; heartless.

I have never been treated by so-called friend that way, and today, I have received a different vibe which telling me that not piety or intelligence that make you good, or being compassionate. how pious you are or how much knowledge you have, sometimes in life you disappoint people, and you have wronged your principle of life, your heart is affected by hatred, ego and selfishness. and yet, you are so proud of being one. I am so regret of spending time thinking about these people and now, I have neglected myself in way that I shouldn't have been.

sometimes, you need to look around and say, hey I am so unfortunate and I need to help and to be helped. because that is one of the reason why Allah send us here. sometimes people are not able to change (to be better) or don't want to receive advise or asking for advise, and still bragging about what you have (though it is not good) in the moment, but they can even do nothing. So, may Allah grant lights to show them which is good in life, not only in academics.

if you met these kind of people, I would suggest you to not rely on these people. because one day when you are so sad or in trouble, they will never be there for you. unless you asked for it.

may Allah strengthen my faith. Salam Ramadan.


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