what really matters to me? sometimes, I can't tell how much I love or appreciate something. I wonder why sometimes people wasted their life, creating moments that they want to forget. every moment in this life is a story, although it is not special.

that's why in this life, there is good and bad. every time we do bad, do good. if you can't do good, don't do bad. it is a simple rule that most of the people neglect it including myself. I tried so hard to do good, but it always looks bad. then, you feel like life rules you, when you are supposedly ruling life.

but what hurt most is, sometimes, life's rules don't work on certain people. for example, good looking people will be a good people. but not-so-good-looking people will not be good until they do good.

life sucks, right?


  1. helo pak cik. for me, life never sucks. life is beautiful. its depend on u. if u think n always keep thinking that life is sucks, so ur life will always like that forever. so, lets change our mind. say that "life is beautiful n I want to make my life the most beautiful life compared with others in the world". be strong Pak Cik. ^^,

    1. haha hey, I have ruined my life from the start. so I feel hopeless to start again. how could you be strong when you feel that God doesn't seem to hear your supplications?

  2. dengar sini ye pak cik Arif. mesti ada sebab disebalik semua ni. ada hikmah disebalik apa yang terjadi. mungkinkan Allah tengah rancang something yang lagi hebat utk kita. something yg akan buat kita bahagia hingga keakhirnya. so, kita sama2 kuat ye, kita perlu kuat utk orang yang kita sayang. i'm sure that u have one right? so,u have to be strong. barulah nmpak macho brother!

    1. being strong is not enough. mungkin aku perlu lebih memikirkan tentang perkara yang penting daripada asyik merengek kan?


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