depressed pt 1


"life is full of surprises" only happens to those who love to try something new in life I guess. sometimes, I feel like I want to be anyone I like to be. I put the role in me as if I am acting in a movie. I do whatever that would get me out of the reality, for a moment.

I tried many things in life; good or bad. I tried everything for reasons. I am still doing several things, which I don't think it is permanent, and it is so depressing. but I just wanted to feel free and happy.

you know when we have tried everything, we know what is the problems; why, and we know the solutions. but if we don't try to do or at least to listen carefully to the problems, we will hate the problems and get away from them. that's why there are many problems in this world without solutions.

and one of the problems is depression. 


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