days by days, I didn't remember how I started and I don't know how will this end. I have made huge mistakes to the people, animals, things I met and even myself. I know reclaiming is impossible and if it could, it is only a dream.

sometimes I feel I want to get back to where I started and restart again but life isn't as easy as games where you can get back to where you failed and start doing it again. once you failed in life, you failed. people will look at it as a failure. but you can always try again but not the same way as you started. so this semester I would try my best to spread good words or at least I don't make any mistakes anymore (that I realized) that might hurt others. still, I can't promise and when I am sorry, not all of you will forgive.

all of us will go and start a new phase of life and find their own way to start again but could all of us stay together as one after this?

because I am afraid of losing what I have got.


  1. sekurang-kurangnye kau dh lps part kau meminta maaf apabila kau rasa bersalah..that is good


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