usually what I expect, is going to happen. I am not saying I have power to predict, because sometimes my expectations went wrong.

I get anxious easily, mostly when I am going to do something important, and I have problem with my body response. I can get cold on a hot day and get hot during a cold night or mixing of both feelings in any situations as it like. same goes to happy and sad feelings, or even love and hate. sometimes I can cope, sometimes I can't. 

that's why I feel hopeless and voices in my head tell me that nobody will loves the way you are, but nope, there will be somebody and yes there is. I can't forget the time when she got to know my flaw (or problem with my body response), and she accepted it and start to play around with it. can't I feel happy for the one who loves my flaw, defect or what ever you call it, more than my strength? ever since, I know who worth fighting for. 

and how do you feel when that kind of person, left you?

beyond worse. 


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tak boleh

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