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stop it

til then, I am not looking for fame anymore.


usually what I expect, is going to happen. I am not saying I have power to predict, because sometimes my expectations went wrong.

I get anxious easily, mostly when I am going to do something important, and I have problem with my body response. I can get cold on a hot day and get hot during a cold night or mixing of both feelings in any situations as it like. same goes to happy and sad feelings, or even love and hate. sometimes I can cope, sometimes I can't. 

that's why I feel hopeless and voices in my head tell me that nobody will loves the way you are, but nope, there will be somebody and yes there is. I can't forget the time when she got to know my flaw (or problem with my body response), and she accepted it and start to play around with it. can't I feel happy for the one who loves my flaw, defect or what ever you call it, more than my strength? ever since, I know who worth fighting for. 

and how do you feel when that kind of person, left you?

beyond worse. 


ketika aku perlukan sokongan emosi ketika aku goyah,
tolong berikan.
dan aku juga seorang yang kurang meminta.

tapi tolong berikan


satu perkara yang menyeronokan bagi aku bila keadaan mental atau emosi aku stabil. jadi kebanyakan waktu waktu yang kurang stabil, aku kentalkan diri untuk teruskan hidup kerana aku rapuh dan mudah menyongsang ketika aku goyah (pada kebanyakan waktu)

semoga aku terus kental.