less is more

When I look myself in the mirror, I see somebody else. It took me a long way through this complex identification because time doesn't seem to help. sometimes I found it easy, but it is not really usual. Understanding myself is like diving into a hole that never ends - skydiving in this matter. I don't know if knowing other person is easier than knowing myself.

how can you survive in this world without knowing yourself? I do not understand but leaving things that gives no meaning is better, perhaps. two things I might consider is me and another part of me who always keeps me company when I am all alone, and sometimes it places me in a state of trance.


when I am all alone, I am with another part of me and he keeps me company and speak with me.

kena belajar ilmu ma'arifat baru faham aku rasa.


  1. Psst psst *nak berbisik jap*,, arif, aku ade je kalau nak temankan kau.. kau jangan laa berangan sorang2..


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