sometimes being emotional can be really boring when nobody wants to hear you. I wish I could be around those who listens and ask me "what's wrong" or "are you okay" or to get home, stay around my friends, and get high everyday. because it feels good every time. Because living in the world of semua kau nak paling gempak is not what I look for anymore. sometimes I do wrong at putting my vision, but it is a learning process right?

 I could be right and wrong, so let's begin with a brand new year. these ain't wish for 2015 but life.

but never forget Him.


  1. Berdoa supaya selalu bawah lindunganNYA

  2. what's wrong senior?
    are u ok?
    can i help u?
    i can hear ur problems n stories.

    1. it's okay, everything will go on like always.


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