some theories pt 2

you need to study to be clever. yes, studying is part of life. you are learning ever since you were in your mom's womb. but how do we exactly learn? is there any standard way to learning?

to perceive what you received is one of the tools that I do in order for me to keep learning in my life. some people might say you study a lot but u learn nothing. well, I would say studying is part of learning. learning is a big word in my definition. sometimes I study to pass the examination but in long-term effects, it is not happening.

when you learn something, it is not only your knowledge increases but you behavior changes as well. you know how to sort out your priorities, you know which is good and bad, or you can even identify lies and truths. if we didn't change, we are not learning. it is hard to say most of the people nowadays are good at their results but not in real life. they will find themselves not moving forward. they stop and be comfortable with their position while others are trying so hard to move. they know they could move because they have knowledge but they don't want to. in certain extent, they might stop other people as well, that is why learning pushes us forward, even a little.

learning is for living, we should understand that. 


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