some theories pt 1

I am very interested in the way of great scientists think and sometimes I could get amazed on every little things they did, for example how they found the pathway of metabolism in a cell or even in organelles.  

I am interested in theory of evolution, because it is still theory then it remains to be a hypothesis. I can be a real bias with what I am going to say but perhaps this thoughts could be shared and consistently improved over time, just like evolution.

because there is no substantial amount of proof to answer this controversy, creationist takes into account the fact that evolution never happens. evolution can be through natural selection or mutation. how well organism can manage to handle stress in their changing environment depends on the next generation which genetic information is passed on. over time, information about the stress can be included into the gene sequence so that the latter could survive and continue to reproduce. if there is abrupt change in environment such as exposure to harmful chemical that can disrupt their gene, mutation could occur but usually mutation couldn't last longer. 

well I could say that the intermediate species such as apes (believed to be prehistoric man) and amphibian mammals (fossil records) could not survive during their period because they cannot tolerate with the environment. They might lack of gene that enable them to survive which their offspring have, abundantly. genetic study is relatively new but it could be a comprehensive idea to support the hypothesis. this might not support my believe as I am one of the creationist as well but I could consider because I am a biologist in-the-making. 

science is improving because people wanted to know, to understand and to find what they really are. together with this fast-growing technologies, people can access information all over the world by just grasping tablet and start browsing. however, they don't really understand the purposes of getting this knowledge. scientist might find this very helpful to overcome problems, reduce pollution and retain sustainable living. accordingly, the purpose might be in another way around. some people might take it for granted, assuming that nature can recover itself.

doesn't matter how hard we try to find the answer will finally lead us to our own Creator, Allah the almighty. 


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