It has been two years since I have been trying so hard to overcome my mental problem. Well I do sometimes hear sound inside my head but it is not as often as two years back. If I would like to procrastinate, that must be the moment when I found myself alive after I being saved by a group of people when I felt dying in life, literally.

TBH, a little thought will eventually give you a very stunning experience which nobody has never had the same. I know that my little thought, but meaningful, caused my Lord, Creator of universe to send a really kind group of people and saved me from forever drowning.

If we never care about our wrongdoings, never tried to improved ourselves or leave those bad things behind, then there is no point we live in this world. Living isn't just a process of tasting the beauty of creations but it handles responsibilities, which no creation ever dare to handle but human.

As human, I do wrongs as well even I have understood my nature. It is not everything I can handle at once. So I do hope one day, in a very near future, my Lord grant me an ability to controlling my mind totally so that I can control my actions too.


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