I am the one who has strong preferences with fluctuation of mood. feeling is uncertain. we might say I feel good today and I am going to do something productive. after a few hours, your feeling might change in another way. this is what I always think about every time my feeling gets worst.

recently I posted about getting positive everyday and sort of things that lead us to a better life. also in every actions we take, there will be obstacles that lie upon right in front of us. identifying what stops us from being positive isn't enough, but learning how to face it professionally does matter.

right at this moment, I am still trying to control my mind so that I could control my body which later defines my behavior. it is a lovely task to share to everybody after you have achieve a little happiness even though it seems not to be a big concern to anybody but you value yourself by knowing you have done to sharing the idea of being happy.

spread love, not legs.


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