a change

everyday when I woke up, I would try my best to be positive, which I thought the vibes could help me get through the day. however, I failed, and I get angry to myself. it is not nice to judge people by saying they are negative and I am not labeling particular person as negative but the negative comes up in everyone, including myself. but this sort of negatives vibe either from people surround me, or even from myself, stop me from being positive. then I change the term positive to happiness, and to be happy instead of being positive.

so I watched this one video about how to be happy by David Steindl-Rast. his talk was very inspiring. he relates happiness with gratefulness. when we are being grateful, we will be happy but not every time when we are happy, we are being grateful. yess, that is one of the part that I missed, even though I had been taught about gratefulness in Islam since I was young. I feel as if this feeling should be a common sense so I never figure it out. well, I was wrong from the start. I should find the method to feel grateful. every moment was given to us is a chance for us, to look for an opportunity to be grateful. perhaps, I could try it more often.

grateful makes me happy, then hopefully by being happy makes me positive. 


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