mind set

"say is easier than done."

Some people keep saying to themselves, today should be better than yesterday. how do we define better? to me being able to blend with different kind of people is my challenge, and all the positives vibes passes to one and another is my objectives everyday. people might do mistakes, even we don't realize that we are actually making mistakes. remember that the purpose of my life is to have a strong relationship with God and be kind to people. but sometimes, I do it in a wrong way. 

Recently my mind keeps telling me that the positive vibes isn't the thing that you search for, but it is built in you. it is you who is responsible to tell the world that I am positive, and I want you to be positive as well. 

Well sometimes my definition of positive is beyond what is it and I do mistakes. a lot. so I do hope that all of the people who know me, forgive and forget what I have done. because this is not Hari Raya, so I wish you Happy October. 

10 days to go and I will be 21.


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