I want to feel that too

I guess if you wanna taste the beauty of life, you gotta be fearless.

having difficult time to understand sometimes people heart are softer than silk or what ever thing that you think it is soft. even though you see bad ass who think they are gangster in certain way, they do have soft heart as well. I think in million things we do, less than half that we appreciated. how could we appreciate all of them when some of them happened without our willingness? so here come the part where God told you to believe in destiny, to believe in Him, to believe that what ever happens to you has reasons which only He knows but not you.

I am fearless in majority of steps I took in my life, and in the end that just made me hopeless, because not everyone is with you and sometimes you are alone. I like to do something that is really really hardcore and bad as well. it comes to be hopeless when I find it hard to let those go. it feels like it is part of my life which I can't ignore and every time I try to ignore, the core of this came out and hold me tight. so tell me how do I taste the beauty of life by being fearless and hopeless.

and tell me how to ignore those shits. 


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