dwindle a little

when you have enough what you have, the tendency of getting boast increases. I learnt something from my nature, I know what I can and cannot do. it is like a formula, formula of hacking life in certain extend. for example when life is giving you lemons, make lemonade. but of course there are a lot more but I am sure what I have right now is enough for me to feel grateful and thankful. I took every good events and positive words into account.

but I wonder, still, how could someone be so annoying by proposing their agenda to the world that their opinion and their experience are the greatest invention or history that world had ever had. do they share? but I don't see they share. they are more like centering themselves in every stories they tell. till now that is the code which I have no idea how to brake yet. but one day I will. because I think that is the problem that I can't handle in my daily life, and I am not sure it is my problem or their problem. but the problem starts within yourself, it is either you realize it or ignore it.

however it is, the problems are still there.


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