21 dan matang


you know it is kind of awkward moment when you never had a birthday celebration and you have it when you are 21. I don't know how to feel, how to react and what to do at all.

my age has already reached 21 and I need to do what 21 people gotta do. the problem is what do they do? haha. as I wish everyday is staying positive and do not get mad. because that is what I think "hablu minan nas" works. secondly, but not really a second wish but all of these are kind of related to each other, that is to be steadfast and learn Islam in a way that Rasul asked us to do. that one is "hablu minAllah" kind of business. these two is very crucial that makes me feel bad if I could not make it.

If I have to choose between numbers and words, I will choose words.


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