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you will learn things in life. feeling is the first thing you will learn, and forever learnt. it is not easy to say something you have gone through, the pain, the happiness and for sure the appreciation. for me, pain and happiness are the basic things that will everyday happen to us. but how much you appreciate the feeling does matter.

I tried to neglect all the pain I get, and tried to cover it up with happiness. well, I could say if no one makes you happy why not you make yourself happy?

I have tried this one thing that has blown up my mind in total. smiling. I was not a smiling person in real and in any of the social media as well. it is not easy to smile when you are tired, fucked up or even when you are mad but I kept practicing myself to smile, even I don't have a really nice smile but that is. through time, I found it interesting, beautiful. you can make a stranger smile back at you with your little stare and smile and sometimes smiling can be a starter for any strangers to become friends!

so what's up with those mixed feelings and stuffs? be beautiful everyday, man. you have a nice smile and please beautify this world with smiles. don't worry about yourself too much because you have God already to take care of you. cheer up the world together, and send beautiful messages to people around you.

because that is one of the reasons we are sent her for, right?


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