dalam keadaan yang payah dan pedih ni masih lagi ramai yang berpura pura mencari redhaNya padahal diorang tak buat apa apa pun. kau rasa kau boleh berjaya kalau kau tak belajar langsung? I don't think you can even answer the first question during the exam if you didn't even come to the class and flap through notes. dalam dunia yang takda nilai di sisiNya pun masih kena ada kerja untuk dapatkan hasil. so takanlah nilai akhirat lagi rendah daripada dunia?

I see our society has been really living in deception, something unreal where you can share your idea and get followers, or you can get information based on what you want it to be and when you went through something that is opposed to your logic, you reject. perhaps, what did you read doesn't even exist and you believed it.

I have been really busy working, a lot of stories I keep it in my notebook, and my head. well, it has come the time I should be real, get outta the things I have been used to, and get real. I want to talk to people, share thoughts, smoke freely and get away from those who are unreal. I will do it slowly and steadily.

oh and I want to rebuild my skills at drawings, or taking pictures.


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