"if someone gets angry on silly or small things, that means he needs love." - I don't know if it is a valid statement of psychologist, but it is happening to me.

I am a learning people, and I wonder too why some people do not take any lesson to what had happened to them, well if I am a psychologist, I'd simply say they are having a type B personality. because they don't really care what would happen, and less likely to over-thinking.  

I once care too much on someone who doesn't love me, well even now I am not sure but it is not working. I am not getting what I want but I get even worse than what I should be. that is not what is love supposed to be, isn't it? 

then I get angry easily. well I think it should be my past already. I am getting comfortable with what I have right now, I don't feel mad or in general I don't feel anything. is it a good thing or am I just loving?

still, I haven't found what is it.


  1. so then, what type A or other alphabet personality? hihi... ohh,, kau dah jatuh cinta eah arif... haha..! #adultlife kononnya..


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