ramadhan yang membara

everyone with their own perception, till words from famous people became famous and the scholars (who aren't famous) became silent. but I prefer the silent one, the greatest words that never make me down. 

when you feel nothing, it is like your heart has been empty. is there any chance that your heart is filled again? filled with love, not your so called love story with your girlfriend or boyfriend where you put your love on him or her more than your mom, but it is the love towards Allah and His Rasool. some people might say they love it, they wanted to spend time with the remembrance (zikr), and they tried to show off their passion. but in which way my dear brothers and sisters?

"Ikhlas tu payah, tapi kau kena istiqamah."

ada orang cakap cakap kosong. empty words that impressed people, because zahirnya memang cool. but does it matter? Allah knows what is in our heart. so tell me guys, if your faith isn't improving or you don't really have passion to do lots of doa and ibadat (supplications) during this ramadhan, how can you survive for the upcoming months.

sebab gua pun makin lama makin jauh dengan perasaan cinta akan-Nya.


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