more beats than speaks


I used to listen to many types of musics, from classical to electronic vibes. I play guitar, and I get bored. I try to be a Disc Jockey, try to spin and I get bored too. what a life. but I am not leaving those kind of instruments, yes I will never. 

well that was musics. I do listen to different type of songs too, but I am not into the 90's, well maybe some of it. I remember I was not choosy when it comes to musics in the early stage of my life, I was fine with all type of musics. 

over time, I started to love and overly fit with independent type of song. and those irama and rentak lagu were the best description in me. then, when the screamo type of songs made me more mental, grew some madness, well-wrapped inside my head before I realized there are such electronic dance musics that makes you jump and even more mad. their beats are never empty, full of life. it is the sickest musics in my entire life, and I think I would stay at this. these kind of musics are better to be played in a dark room with flashing lights, with addition of powder in your drinks. haha.

but I don't listen to musics that often.


  1. Yeah my fave is Yiruma, Debussy those soft songs that makes me calm, haha but there is one hard electronic vibes that I can't just get enough, ce try dude, Do I wanna know by Artic Monkeys
    -Katniss Everdeen

    1. haha I listened to Artic Monkey too. tapi tak semua lagu dia boleh masuk actually but its okay to try. thnk you :p


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