sometimes I wonder, what do animals think. frankly speaking I love all type of animals except insects. well I did post about why I hate insects. so you can just click on the link and read it, it was years ago so don't judge my way of writing haha. well I did talk to animals quite often, I play cak cak with my cats, well of course they didn't respond but stare at their best then turn away, sad isn't it?

it is Nikita, named after the actress of Indonesia by mom, currently living with us and we called it Nikky for short. paling protective sampai tak boleh ada kucing lain datang. there were number of cats before. died because of accident, missing in action, and many tragic incident that happened to our previous cats. but obviously for one session we can't manage to pet more than one cat because they never seem to be friendly at all, biasalah kucing liar kan. tapi adalah juga lah cubaan membela dua tiga tapi tak lama, too much drama. 4 years and she is already old, gigi bawah pun takda. but gua sayang dia lebih daripada kucing sebelum ni because she is the only cat that would come laying on my chest every time I lay down. and that feeling when you sleep with cat on your chest, and wake up in a condition which is same as you went to sleep.

tapi biasanya dia bangun awal lagi dari gua.


entri yang popular

tak boleh

cubit pipi kau


faham tak