rise and fall

I don't really believe that life has its rise and fall. it is like you are saying that there must be something bad will happen after you are having something good.

I understand where some people have different perspectives and their principles of life and that makes you different from other people. however, sometimes we have too many things that we forget before our perspectives wrapped our mind so the following principles you made, making you hard to accept what have people told you. or maybe we are not taking any precautions to think further about what we have heard.

you can always believe in what you believe, but believe me, not all of the things you believe leads you a better life, as if some of you mind being brainwashed since where you start to believe on those things. I am not trying to change anything because I know I can't, and if I do, that would not make any differences.

I have posted an entry about miracles, and I know those were signs that God wants me to believe in Him. the latter thrives my heart and I have been strong enough, to face the world. be careful of what you have believed because I once too believed in things that lead me to atheism. 

may Allah guide us and protect us from those thoughts. 


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