feelings part 3

everyone wants to feel alive with new refreshment after a moment of roughness and toughness. we want to gain new spirits, anything that would make us courageous, any at all. rejecting all the memories that brought you down, sometimes isn't helpful to feel alive. perhaps, a backbone or a basis of your further steps in life.

science does bring us to a level where every myths we know are nonsense, yes everything including beliefs and traditions that once were the most powerful medium to build up empires and human moral. and the lack of knowledge has brought you to a brand new belief, atheism.

what is your purpose of life I asked to one of these atheists, which they claim that they are free thinker. they say there is no such thing in life, a purpose. everybody can set out their life by choosing any of way they want. I wasn't so surprised as if their knowledge has been limited to the logical facts and theories in science.

how could anybody be brave to guide themselves, without following any of the religions. and if they could, they wouldn't run away from those that had been implemented in religions thousand years ago. in other words, they would return to religions eventually. you know I feel pity of atheists, most of them came from religious background. and this new belief rejects any deities.

we can refresh, and feel alive by strengthen our faith. consult any scholars who are expert in any of your wonders, and always questioning yourself while looking at the beautiful arrangement of creations. perhaps, Allah guides those hearts, and He knows best.

There is actually no god, except Allah The Almighty.


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