feelings part 1

I know many of us try to get rid of certain feelings that linger in our head. we tried so hard and at the middle of the road, you feel like giving up. I'd like to reminisce about people who I really appreciate for their existence in my life, by part.

so I remember for the first time I met Z, who was my teacher, I really hated him. everything he said or did, I found something wrong with it, I felt uncomfortable. since I wasn't in his class for a year, so I didn't really know him much but I heard most of the people really found him a funny and an easy-going teacher. by the next year, ensuing my study, I have a whole year class with him in chemistry. I thought my hatred had to be getting worst towards him, until I realized that his way of teaching and character has something to do with my starting point of seeing things differently.

the open-minded person often a good person. they have a very weird kind of approach, as they respect and listen to every perspectives of people. they don't condemn but if they do, perhaps they don't take it seriously. when they sad, they would probably turned to something that they think would soothe them.

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