the only miracle

there were quite a number of times, that good things come into my life. regardless the bad luck happened to me and I don't say that it didn't affect my life while it apparently does. 

I survived in many ways, though I survived from terribly emotional pain, from a so-called love in the early child and some unspoken things, because I don't really talk much in the past; my friends made me realize about my anti-social stuff so I tried to make those thing invisible.

I don't know I have so much time thinking, mostly when I didn't talk, but I am not a reader, I didn't read much. so when things failed, I listed out my uneasy stuff in me, and tried to make them invisible. yes, I still have those but I made them invisible. 

but ever since I tried to deny what critiques came, I figured out there is more important things that I need to do, rather than trying to hide something from everyone. To believe in miracles.

because miracles are beyond our minds. and it happened to me, many times.


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