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a twist


imagine you are in the room, alone. when you could barely hear the clock ticking, the wind blowing up the curtains, sometimes a bit strong and it hits the wall. and you are just sitting on a chair. you had a wife, but your beard has too much time too grow without her. your chin has permanent wrinkles. you have money, enough for your daily meals and weekly shopping. you have no debt left to pay, your friends are just like you, too tired to go outside and meeting friends.

the leaves that fell in front of your house has been decayed, too crispy for the sun to burn. and you think you have achieved your life. what if one day, you can't be able to love anymore, to laugh together with one you love, you have no one left to talk to. and you feel like going far away but your strength wouldn't allow you to. and you think your God let you be in those situation and hope for your soul to get taken out fast. 

now you are trying to create a bond with the Almighty, knee down to seek His blessings. yet you found it not amusing, and not attractive. and you wake up and sit on your chair, and stare again.

because your daily life is what you find it entertaining and joyful. and you will never find the blessing, when you wasted your teen years, enjoying. 

but for me thoughts can separate you and other people even you are with them.