I was asked "what is the hukum(jurisprudence) of wearing Niqab(veil that cover half of the face)?"

I couldn't easily say a firm answer from that, because I am not an expert. 

it is not about the hukum itself, I am not going to give a Dalil(supportive materials from hadith and Quran) but if you really want to do so, look up to books Tuhfatul Muhtaj written by Imam Ar Ramly or Mughni Al Muhtaj written by Al Khatib As Syarbini.

what we will do, when we love a person or a group of people who are really kind, faithful, honest, approachable and modest in many ways? what if a movie, with classic and old lifestyle, wearing robes, cloak, hats and a very messy hairs and beards all the way through the story, for example The Hobbit, or Harry Potter and you feel like turning back into their times, where horses are their cars, swords or bows are their guns and travelling and fighting are their abilities?

if you do, there it is, it is about the lust of going back to the old times. I have heard stories from experts in Islamic history, the way of living, attires and their responsibilities to each of the person in life. and I keen to know, sometimes, when judging and stereotyping are not really their concern(for certain extend perhaps few people did during those time), and how do they live their life? 

by now, when we are depressed we got dumped; as much as we talk about young love,
when we listen to the music and get obsessed to certain artists; as much as we try to look like 'em,
when we are eager and desperate to get the title, or being a ruler, or to be famous,
when we think loving creations are more important than loving the only Creator, 
there are,
people out there who wants this era we're living, diminish and replaced by those I was talking about.

so back to the question that I was asked about, you have to know, we're living at the edge of the age of world with those human rights where you can't easily judge people or discriminate certain group or gender, when your life has been arranged according to your ability and title that you hold. so be firm in what ever you do in following the right one, I love you, whoever you are, or whatever your background is, and I really want you to get what is the best for you. perhaps I don't have those bravery to do those right things because I wasn't once a good guy, but one day I will inshaAllah.

and maybe you feel like you're making things right, by being religious in all matter, but be honest and do it completely, you can't be like cutting off others head with a very extreme advice, then you're making fool of it by doing the same, not literally.

kerana gua hina, gua takan mampu berubah sekelip mata.


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