she was once a stranger

a short story about a very credible woman, who loves to participate in volunteer program.

after SPM I wanted to further my study in Canada, but my application wasn't accepted, so then I started to do a lot of thinking, all the feelings mixed up together made me feel down and by then I started to stand and start over. 

the story begins when I asked my sister to introduce me any of her friends on facebook who is currently studying in Canada. she introduce me to Sarah, so I started to get to know her, and this was so wrong, she wasn't in Canada, but Ireland, studying I don't know what is it called, but it was like more to medical stuffs. my sister was so miserable, and I will be giving her a face palm everyday. Sarah is so friendly and fit to anyone, as I have never met her, I couldn't say more than what I have been reading on her blog or her facebook statuses. so I hope this weird-relationship will never end. thank you for willing to know me. and Happy Birthday to Sarah Salleh.


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