mula mula

actually, if you go easy on me, I will be really appreciative. because I was born to have those obsession towards something. if I told you I talked to my toys when I was small (gila haha).

I really love to share, like seriously. not by posting it in blog, which in certain extent I do, but to have a conversation. maybe some people don't feel comfortable to have such a conversation with me, in this case I would say this conversation is more to sharing without being judgmental, and some people just fit and make me feel comfortable.

I don't know how and when exactly I made friends with this creature. but at first glance, I don't think I can make friends with someone who is quiet (because I am quiet too and that would not make any sense to be friends), who doesn't socially present and already in relationship. when I heard one of my friends says "dia bukan macam tu sebenarnya dulu sama je gila, sebab room mate dia macam tu." so I was like, this little fella is having the same situation and maybe she will understand. so I texted her, lightly.

Ohmaigad, we shared things in common, lol. it is not about omaigad I fall for her and let's make out. that is so wrong. I always respect her relationship, as if I don't really like to have those kind of relationship by now. so please. she can be from a funny, to a total plain boring creatures. haha. maybe people don't realize or she underestimates herself, that she is a good listener and a dreamer. pure little fella wants her world become real, and she does, but not totally.

but basically I share things and she understands. that is how I like it flows. I share problems, and way she counters make it better. it is not about to exactly find the answer of all the problems, but to have a different view of looking at it. I know I can't get out from my vague life, because of things I left, is currently haunting me. but at least I know, she knows, that something has to be shared, as it is relieving or maybe it is a new perspective to feel better in another way.

please don't let this fellowship fall by any unreliable matter.

hey entri ini juga berunsur paksa, tapi tahap kedua.


  1. Hei post nih lha yang semut tuh twidder kud tapi aku yakin orang yang sama hahahahah

    1. you are such a stalker... tapi kau aku pasti kau tak kenal siapa semut tu wakakakaka.

  2. Hahahahah I'm not a stalker called me an investigator hahahahah yela yela aku teka jah pasal semut tuh salah betul ta kisah lha hahahahah


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