kecilnya kau rasa

sometimes, I feel like world has its own way to express the situation. and sometimes, I can predict how and what will happen if something is in place. with all these expression of the world, which any prediction matches up to it, and I wonder why should I be sad or angry. because I can only rely on hopes, that loosely hold.

now I have got to know that there is something better than hope. something that I don't know but it is beautiful and I should not be waiting anymore. because one day, the hope itself will come and ask to have a little bit time to spend with. and something beautiful will appear, with guilty.

aku baru sedar sekarang dunia harapan yang selama ni tempat gua bermain, cuma mainan awan dan pelangi.


entri yang popular

tak boleh

cubit pipi kau


faham tak