an extension (cont.)


"if it is all a lie, the truth not far behind."

a proper advise to some extremist out there. we can say anything serious, to be serious in anything doesn't matter. but to understand the situation does matter, it should be at your first consideration before anything. you have what you want, even though it isn't complete. but what you need to continue the lying? or to fight for the truth? have you ever been in everybody's situation?

when I read my previous entry, I would picture this,

"sometimes, I can over think because it is limitless. when situation happens, my mind would continue playing and if it isn't satisfied, I do repeat the same situation again, and create a better one. but it will never satisfy me. "

I can't stay in a truth, because of architecture of my life. but one day when everything has already complete, everything that is in my imagination, which is satisfying me, I will definitely, disappear and live in a very truth.

the strongest part of the wall, is being constructed, love.


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