importance of things

peace be upon who reads. this entry I will not specify on a particular topic but I let things flow out from my head as smooth as it will be.

well everyone has their own perspective at reading someone's material and it may be hard to get to know the hidden message as if we are not sure the purpose of the writing. years back I had always wondered why some people can't understand each other whether that is between a couple, friends, among the family members, politic parties, students and so on. there is no exception. we are all in the same boat! we can also misunderstand in our way of thinking. occurring within yourself. 

everything gets simpler everyday. they are all become handy and affordable till we forget the basic principle of life, that is hardship. our thoughts have been synchronized that simple thing is important, but important thing is not simple.

I tell you a bigger picture, so you can think in various manners if you like. 

I like to watch my mother's cats behavior. and I would like to post an entry about it next time. 


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