unspoken world


being a leader is not only to ask people to do work, but showing them how the work is done. finally, I could take a long breath when I reached at the Long Beach, Perhentian. I can't believe I could make this happen, and for sure thanks to Serena. this mightn't be this fun without her.

most of the time, when we found something beautiful and exciting, we could shout them out loud like crazy. but divers couldn't do that underwater, so we dance and do some stupid signs. we can't even laugh out loud. so we keep and expressed those feeling when we get out from water. and that feelings, would never end.

dive in unspoken world, curiosity and an endless journey we have.


  1. that right..
    "...you can't touch anything underwater, keep all what you see as memories in your mind and just released the bubbles." -Judith, May 2013-
    the word something like that. =D

    1. I just love the way they express their love towards nature, they didn't speak of it but they do, that is so pure :)

    2. me too.. so, we gonna be like them, right. now i think i need start to do something to love nature. =D


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