masterpiece of powerful mind

humans can do almost unexpected things. because they have Akal(Mind). but do you ever realize how powerful the Aqal is? have you ever noticed that most of the things you are doing by now are the things that people before you had done. let's see one of the simple example I learnt from somewhere in the earth, that might sparks your idea how powerful Akal is.

"Boeing 747 is one of the biggest commercial plane, instead of the new one called Airbus 380, which often called Super Jumbo Jet, wire of 400km for each plane and the electricity needed equals to generate electricity of 400 houses. Boeing 747, bearing 4 gas turbine engines(2 for each side of wings) with 4 tanks of kerosene fuel(Jet A1 fuel) EACH with maximum capacity of 228,990 L (equals to capacity of 5500 units of an oil lorry tanker). An engine of Boeing 747 has 32 blades of chrome coated which one of the blade equals to a price of Proton wira, and overall total of blades for one plane is 128 blades. Boeing 747's maximum takeoff weight 333,400 kg (330 tons) can reach a maximum flying height up to 13 km from sea level."

imagine how powerful human's mind are? 4 engines of a Boeing 747 can lift up such a huge mass of objects that flies up to 13 km. there is no one pulling it down to land, nor pushing it up to fly. we don't talk about the higher inventions ever made such as International Space Station(ISS), Airspace Shuttle, and other incredible objects created by human, which is beyond my knowlegde to talk about that. and all those things created by using only with the Akal that you don't know where it is, in the body it is just exist and you can feel it.

and the most powerful things is not those things we see, but it should be the fundamental part for those inventions that is Akal, which has been created by the Almighty, Allah.


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