ST simple trip to grip


lights was all over the road, it was so chill, and off we go to Langkawi. it was my first time being there, and together with friends. it was a trip, educational trip which we need to do something - not only to have fun - we need some hugs for that. at my very first thought, Miss Amira was together with us and it seemed worse. anyway, who could predict better, she wasn't that bad.


creatures, how much we wonder about life underwater? do they exist and how could they survive by living in the water - darkness which less could we caught the glimpses of anything - for instance, we had fun learning them. that was fun, watching penguins, seals that couldn't be found in tropical country. I think we were just too tired to be excited - long journey we had. surprisingly, when we were being presented by a snake show, at the moment when the king cobra was kissed by that snake player - my heart couldn't beat any faster at that time *phew*


Never crossed my mind to pass the cave, and yes we did pass thru cave and watching bats hanging on the top of the cave's wall. splendid it was, because who knows bat hang themselves with one leg, and changing it when its part is tired. so then the sea eagle was caught in our sights, lucky we were. because the tour guide told us that sea eagle would come out for food during evening, so yeah it knows mariners were there I suppose.


and sort of thing happened so I have to lay on white sand accompanied by the growling of wave and the howling of wind, and create scene we had done together - apart from this stories :')

here is just too simple to tell stories.


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