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when I was young, I dunno maybe when I was not more than 12, I love drawing, I made sort of comics, which the drawings were really funny but what ever I still love drawing. I wanted to be an architect ever since - I found out that being an architect is better than artist in comics - and that had been going on about years till I found out better profession - at the time I was still considered immature - that is Doctor.

then my mind had a thought of being a veterinarian. because I love animals so much and that made sense till now, doctor of animals. until now I want to be in that profession but I think, something out there, you cannot hear, you cannot touch, you cannot see, but we need to take care of, which that less people realize - the underwater.

so then time passed, and here I am, studying marine biology.

so I have decided - at this moment, it maybe change one day - that I'm going to be a marine taxonomist. hehe.


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