selfishness overload

actually friendship is matter when it is about completing tasks for others benefits. yes if you are not anything important to me yes f off I don't care but can your f brain think for a moment, you need everyone for some time, just a period of time.

I never had this slow talk or what ever. thinking about others condition I did some f thing that is below my limit, that is 'slow talk'. but mates, if u guys see me slow talked to u, so do something to fix that what I was talking about. I have let down my selfishness to care about others.

but if you cannot even think about it, don't f think you would ever gain respect from me. seriously don't challenge my ego. once I yell at u, which is one day, that's my limit to you. serious talk.

I don't mind you to be selfish, but I am not that type told ya. but you see, it isn't a problem if you are alone to f not to talk to me. but it is a big problem, when you ask other to not talk to me.

sometimes I feel like this when I see your face hahahahahaha.


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