I am a chemical kid

it's been an exhausting life we had been thru, but yet so many things have made us blind and can't see the lights and how would we possibly walk at this time? one day you'll understand about it.

so someone lend me a book, Al Chemist. actually I have been interested at reading novel when I was younger yet I never finished books I read ever since hehe. yes I had books at home well just a light reading I had but when I never finished one and move to another books because I can't see so many tiny alphabet arranged in sentences with paragraphs in hundreds of pages. I just can't. well, I can't be more serious by now but I have to read, because the important thing is I see, we should sometimes please our interest and make it possible, as long as it is worth doing it.

so at least, when it is a need of returning, we will do as what it is pleasured. perhaps I will find myself in words, so I don't feel so much alone next time.


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