can ask me what ever

we are all the same. we are people, we are nobody else but colors. but some people have more than a color. yes, people fcuking did mistakes. if you are not, you are boring.

let me tell you something that you would have been probably forgotten. if I do have my past that haunting me throughout years, that sometimes I can't stop myself from behaving like that again, you have to know, I have parts in my life. my life when I was growing up, my life when I was getting flooded with bunches of different people, my life when I was committing my first sin, my life when I was being first exposed to the wrongdoings and yes, my life when I am turning back to be a better muslim.

because I cannot promise that I have made my rigid move. that is why I am still searching for the time where I can fully filled my life, with Iman.

so when you are confusing something, don't tell people about what did you see. you can ask me what ever you feel doubt about what am I doing.


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